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The Angry Mailman Podcast

New Contest for a FREE full price GAME of your choice!!!

Feb 11, 2012

You can win any free full price game of your choice when you leave a review for The Angry Mailman Podcast on itunes.  When we reach 75 we will draw a random winner.  Currently we have 54.  Only reviews from Feb. 10th and later are eligible. If you have left a review prior, then just get a friend to leave a review and...

Links from Episode 38 "PC Building"

Feb 11, 2011

Monitor multicore Temperature with CoreTemp

Compare video cards. at

Buy PC parts at

Buy PC parts at 

Monitor RAM usage with FreeRamXP

Get great PC game deals with Steam at

PC game deals at that's...

Introducing "Who Am I?" Radio

Oct 13, 2010

"Who Am I?" Radio is a new show from the makers of The Angry Mailman Podcast.  On this show we will discuss news, issues and living in the new 'connected' society.